My thoughts on Maisey Yates’s novel, Secrets from a Happy Marriage

I rarely have time to write a book review but after reading Maisey Yates’s book, Secrets from a Happy Marriage I couldn’t resist. Back in May, when I cataloged this book, I thought it might be an interesting read but with my limited time I passed it by.

The women – the mom, Wendy; her daughters, Rachel and Anna; and her granddaughter, Emma – all hold hidden secrets and they would take all kinds of emotional abuse rather than let those secrets harm one of them.

As they go on with their lives, sorrow and happiness weave intricate tangles that spread from the Lighthouse Inn (Bed & Breakfast), to their living quarters, and among the people of the small town along the Oregon coast.

What I enjoyed most about this book as both a reader and a writer was how the characters tugged at my heart as they made a troublesome choice for their moment of crisis using what knowledge and abilities they had.

As with real life, these people are flawed. They’d made both good and bad choices and they were doing their best to live with the consequences. I felt their pain and the pressure they were under.

Even the supporting cast (whether villain or love interest), grabbed me by my gut or my heartstrings making me want to jump into the story to either hurt or hug the one(s) pushing those secrets toward the surface!

Usually, fifteen minutes at a time are all I have for reading. This one was hard to put down and I’ll admit I found myself reading way into the night.

If you choose to read this novel, it will not disappoint – there is one secret I did not see coming!

Thanks for writing this book, Maisey Yates!

Below is the blurb I picked up from

New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates’s new novel introduces the women of the Lighthouse Inn B&B. They might not have it all together, but this summer, they’ll discover that together, they might still have it all…

Rachel Henderson’s family is falling apart. Becoming a widow—especially at this age—is heartbreaking. With her teenage daughter, Emma, leaving soon for college, Rachel needs a friend—but local diner owner Adam is the last person she ever thought she’d lean on.

From the outside, her little sister, Anna, has a picture-perfect marriage. But the weight of it is suffocating her. The only way for her to breathe again comes at a high price, one she’s not so sure she can pay.

After raising two daughters on her own, their mother, Wendy, knows just how hard life can be. She’s done things she’s not proud of, things she desperately wants to keep from her girls—until keeping quiet is no longer an option.

As long-held secrets bubble up and their old lives unravel, this family will need all their strength to start again and open their hearts up to the possibility of more. But most of all, they’ll need each other…

Happy reading…. 

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