Word for the Year of 2020 *BALANCE*

Have you given any thought for what you might accomplish this year? Something that will cause you to feel like the world you greet & meet each day is better. When a warm feeling wells up inside and makes you think, today is a good day – a really good day.

For me, I try to figure out how to proceed each year with a word that will see me through when the chaos of life spins my small world out of control. I love the following quote:

“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces together.”
― Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing

My year of 2019 was one of ups & downs and filled with health-related stress. I’m glad it’s over. Thankfully, both hubby and me survived–we just look a little more ragged and worn.

Using my LISTSword of the year for 2019 – throughout the year, helped tremendously. I did get some writing done, but not as much as I’d hoped. I did read — a lot!

This YEAR I’m starting out aligned with goals and a new type of planner. I know this can’t assure me success, but I am optimistic!

As me and hubby grow older, I know we’ll both have more complications to disrupt our lives. I am a person who truly believes I must persist and challenge myself if I want to accomplish more than just living day-to-day.

With that attitude, I stand at the bottom of the mountain, have tools at hand, gauge my possible progress, and start the climb.

I hope you’ll join me. Learn something new. Do something different. Enjoy life. Balance your 24-hour day with whatever tools will work for you.

Word of the Year!

I love to create a “word” for each new year, but this year started out like the last two. Last year I was DETERMINED and yes I saw it through. I don’t even want to think about 2017…

2019 Word for the Year - LISTS

This year I considered BALANCE. I need balance in my life and I worked at obtaining this lofty goal since January 01.

I might as well had set out on a journey to a new world where nothing is what you’d hoped. It seemed like horrific storms developed with every gain. If they weren’t in my house, in my body, they were literally exploding outside – I kid you not!

Yesterday, I got out my trusty notebook and prepared for my day. And like a light coming on, I realized my truth–it’s the lists that keep me sane and help me manage the tasks I set for myself as I wander through the pitfalls of daily life.

I’ve got it now.

I can let go of this worrisome mental task. I’ve done it. The word has presented itself. I’m good to move on with important things now.

Now if I could just figure out what I’m doing wrong – displaying the same picture twice…


cup I'm so far behind

I had a lovely time at Romance Writers’ of America’s annual conference, but going unwell and tired is not the way to do it.

Well, that’s all behind me now and I’ve been trying to find my way back to normal. I’ll not go through all the mishmash of my return – I will say I did spend the evening, night, and morning in either an airport or plane on my return home. And sick, sick, sick.

I think I’ve recuperated. My house is still in disarray; life and all its components move ahead whether or not you are ready.

Yesterday, I moved my calendar to August, and yes, I know today is August 13, 2018. I cannot believe it is here! Do you realize how close the holidays are? Count it up – it is scary! Before I’ve caught up with the important stuff on my to-do-list, it will be Halloween candy, Thanksgiving – a.k.a. turkey time, then the big one – Christmas. Do you at times consider all these traditions as THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY? Just a thought, don’t torture yourself going through past memories…

Ah, back to the story at hand and my recovery. You know, you’ve had those. I am not alone in this.

Thankfully, hubby has suffered through my illness, my crankiness, and has learned some new techniques for avoiding me. One might think after all these years he’d have discovered them. I guess even a renaissance man has some flaws.

For the last few days, I’ve put forth a serious search for my mojo. Since it isn’t a tangible object, locating it has been a tricky thing. I like to think of it as a Trickster – the Native American kind – a foxy-coyote character.  

I do believe I’ve seen it peeking around stacks of paper, hiding under my desk, even in my trash can.
red-fox-tail-icon trickster2

I must be getting closer.






Determination…ah, my fortitude is grabbing hold.





Can a person think of the new year and decide his/her goals in one word or two?


This year’s word, after the unsettling WORD of 2017, is determined. My decision for said WORD was when I’d had more than a few new “things” to learn and to deal with.


For Christmas, I bought myself a new desktop – the old one was no longer wanting to update. Of course, it meant a new learning curve. I thought since I use the new Windows at work and on my laptop, it wouldn’t be a big deal…wrong.


If it’s technology, nothing is easy.


My desktop’s first operation of business, after setup completion, was a massive update where I lost the drivers for USB ports. (I believe that’s what they’re called)


In November, I ran and became president elect of the Romantic Women’s Fiction chapter of RWA . I’d been an officer in different areas of the group for a few years and had served in various positions in a local writers’ group, so I told self I can do this. Well, I hate reading legal documents and dealing with math. So, what are the first duties I have? Uh, dealing with both…


Somewhere, in the mix of things, Christmas appeared and before that Thanksgiving and before that birthdays and life. Oh, and I left off work.


Did I say anything about I love to read and write?

Anyway, as I gathered information, moved papers, wrapped presents, baked and cooked foodstuff, and cleaned while worrying and studying important stuff, I caught myself repeating the same words or mantra. “I will figure this out!”


In the course of a hullabaloo of my own making, I decided I should take a few minutes of free time and write. Of course, I had interruptions, repeatedly. Frustrated, I closed up my document and left my chair.

Now, I began to worry about finding time to write which for me is the whole purpose of a lot of things. My newish mantra played in the back of my mind like an earworm. I will figure this out!

Life and work, in some ways, are about checks and balances, all stirred up with a heavy dose of emotional nuances.


It was one of those “moments” while I was writing my lists of to-dos out for the day that my WORD for the year sprang up like a small geyser and showered my thoughts with the inspiration – YES – that’s it! I could see the word spelled out for me like a vision.


I’m determined to do this, to finish that, and to be the best I can be no matter how I feel. No Matter.

To double check myself, I looked up the definition.

de·ter·mined  [dəˈtərmənd]


  • having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it: “Alice was determined to be heard”

synonyms: intent on · bent on · set on · insistent on · resolved to · firm about · committed to · single-minded about · obsessive about

  • processing or displaying resolve: “Helen was a determined little girl” · “a determined effort to reduce inflation”

synonyms: resolute · purposeful · purposive · adamant · single-minded

I end this post with determined energy, to fulfill the resolution I’ve set for myself. Now, I’ve a whole year to try and make the best of it!


What about you?

2018 word HAPPY 2018! 


At the finish…

cinema-the-end-backgroundAs I close out the year of 2017, I feel the need to assess my writing accomplishments or lack thereof.

I believe a person should check what goals were set from the beginning of the previous year—to see where you gained/lost/failed.

Once done, spend some time on things that didn’t work and those that did.
Study the “whys” of each.

Create a new list of “how” you could better achieve the goal(s) you’ve set for yourself.



DO NOT linger too long on the problems you were unable to solve.

Instead, have your moment of woe or sadness or madness, then move on to the learning process.

Set your feelings aside and take an analytical view of your lists.

Note: This can be a fun process if you set out for it to be one.  If you have trouble setting your emotional state from this project, try creating a buddy to help see you through. Imaginary friends can tell you what they think and you can say what you are really thinking – no holds barred. Point I’m making is YOU are actually looking for and need the TRUTH of where you’re headed. This is not a pity party nor a celebration—just the facts.

Next, get out some paper and create your dreams for the coming year—this is the Fun Stuff!

Happy little boy enjoying on grass field and dreaming


Now, set it aside and create what you believe is doable for the year.



Each year, I do this for self-evaluation and for my end-of-year tax receipts. If I’ve not gained in an area, this needs to be a top priority unless my requirements have changed.
I don’t believe a person can stay in one spot—hover, maybe, while you sort out the problem. You’re either moving forward or falling backward. Falling backward is like gaining weight—it’s easy to do, but hard to get back to where you want to be.
How did you fare in your assessment?
Did you have gains in your work? Losses? Challenges?

Now is the time to mourn your losses – quickly – then celebrate! The year has ended and you are starting with a clean slate.

Dream – create – believe in yourself


As a writer, who needs to know where and how to proceed for the coming year, or as a person who wants to improve the status of his or her daily life, here’s a method that I’ve used for several years. It’s yours, if you want to give it a try. Best wishes for Your New Year!

~excerpt from the poem, Invictus by William Ernest Henley

“…I am the master of my fate,

      I am the captain of my soul.”

Running Up Arrow Man Shows determination And Eager



Tempting Fate

Huge Tidal wave with man

What possesses a person to make them feel they can outsmart or withstand a storm barreling toward them?

I was reading on Facebook and listening to the news about the people who were choosing to stay behind in a hurricane that may destroy all they hold dear. I’m not talking about First Responders or needed personnel, but about those who stay just because…


I’ve tried to think of different scenarios of possible good reasons—but none emerge. Nothing there for me to reason out the need.

It messes with my mind.

Do they consider the HIGH cost of life? What about those who go on living without them? You know there will be deaths. Will it be them?

What about the men and women who have to stay–who may be called out to go rescue the foolish? What about these brave souls and their families? Do those who carry out their foolhardy mission consider them?

Do they think their home or property cares if they stay? Do they think they’re going to prevent the loss of some of their stuff?

A Electric and telephone pole leans after damage from a storm.

These are not ordinarily stupid people. And it doesn’t matter if they’re educated…something, within themselves, makes them feel compelled to stay—and what is more heartbreaking is knowing there are those who feel obligated to stay and support their irresponsible actions.

Unresolved thoughts from a student of life…

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