Can a person think of the new year and decide his/her goals in one word or two?


This year’s word, after the unsettling WORD of 2017, is determined. My decision for said WORD was when I’d had more than a few new “things” to learn and to deal with.


For Christmas, I bought myself a new desktop – the old one was no longer wanting to update. Of course, it meant a new learning curve. I thought since I use the new Windows at work and on my laptop, it wouldn’t be a big deal…wrong.


If it’s technology, nothing is easy.


My desktop’s first operation of business, after setup completion, was a massive update where I lost the drivers for USB ports. (I believe that’s what they’re called)


In November, I ran and became president elect of the Romantic Women’s Fiction chapter of RWA . I’d been an officer in different areas of the group for a few years and had served in various positions in a local writers’ group, so I told self I can do this. Well, I hate reading legal documents and dealing with math. So, what are the first duties I have? Uh, dealing with both…


Somewhere, in the mix of things, Christmas appeared and before that Thanksgiving and before that birthdays and life. Oh, and I left off work.


Did I say anything about I love to read and write?

Anyway, as I gathered information, moved papers, wrapped presents, baked and cooked foodstuff, and cleaned while worrying and studying important stuff, I caught myself repeating the same words or mantra. “I will figure this out!”


In the course of a hullabaloo of my own making, I decided I should take a few minutes of free time and write. Of course, I had interruptions, repeatedly. Frustrated, I closed up my document and left my chair.

Now, I began to worry about finding time to write which for me is the whole purpose of a lot of things. My newish mantra played in the back of my mind like an earworm. I will figure this out!

Life and work, in some ways, are about checks and balances, all stirred up with a heavy dose of emotional nuances.


It was one of those “moments” while I was writing my lists of to-dos out for the day that my WORD for the year sprang up like a small geyser and showered my thoughts with the inspiration – YES – that’s it! I could see the word spelled out for me like a vision.


I’m determined to do this, to finish that, and to be the best I can be no matter how I feel. No Matter.

To double check myself, I looked up the definition.

de·ter·mined  [dəˈtərmənd]


  • having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it: “Alice was determined to be heard”

synonyms: intent on · bent on · set on · insistent on · resolved to · firm about · committed to · single-minded about · obsessive about

  • processing or displaying resolve: “Helen was a determined little girl” · “a determined effort to reduce inflation”

synonyms: resolute · purposeful · purposive · adamant · single-minded

I end this post with determined energy, to fulfill the resolution I’ve set for myself. Now, I’ve a whole year to try and make the best of it!


What about you?

2018 word HAPPY 2018! 



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